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Shams Ahmed is an arranger, music director, and educator from Cherry Hill, NJ. He is a graduate of Northeastern University, where he directed a cappella heavy-hitters and two-time ICCA champions, The Nor'easters, while studying Business. During his tenure, Shams earned numerous  awards, including Outstanding Arrangement wins at the ICCA, as well as several CARA awards. Shams is also featured alongside the Nor'easters in Pop TV's reality docu-series, Sing It On, where he can be seen coaching the group. He founded the all-female group, Pitch, Please! who are featured on the show as well. During the summer, Shams is a director at A Cappella Academy, an LA-based program for young musicians founded by former Pentatonix member, Avi Kaplan. In the fall, he can be found bringing a cappella to South Beach alongside a panel of experts including Ben Bram, Robert Dietz, and India Carney at The Betsy's A Cappella Festival. Shams serves as a regular judge at ICCA, ICHSA, and CASA events all over the country. Outside of a cappella, he serves as Director of Talent & Creative for Northeastern University's $1.4 billion Empower fundraising campaign. He is currently based in Los Angeles, arranging, coaching, and overseeing projects in the a cappella world. 

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Shams has a thirst for excellence, impeccable taste, and a tireless work ethic, a rare trait combo which makes him one of the best arrangers and coaches in the game!

- Ben Bram
Grammy-winning Arranger for Pentatonix & Co-Founder of A Cappella Academy



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